I help high-performing, spiritual women like you transform their relationships with food, fitness, and their significant other so that they can create more love in their lives.

fitness + relationship coaching

Master your fitness by mastering your relationships.

Adrienne Rivera

I support you in creating healthy relationships with fitness, food, and others to create more love in your life.

My lifelong studies of psychology, fitness, relationships, and spirituality have supported me along with my unique gift of coaching individuals and couples so that they can live a healthy life full of love. I offer online coaching that combines customized fitness coaching with mindset calls that focus on both mindset and relationships. I am a certified personal trainer and received my degree in psychology from Virginia Tech.

Fitness is my life! And yet I haven't always been healthy...

Fitness has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Through 14 years of competitively swimming she realized how important it is to cleanse and strengthen the body through physical movement. While she was in amazing shape physically, mentally she was battling binge eating disorder for 6 years throughout this time. 

It wasn’t until she fully dove in to personal development and found healthy, balanced ways to cope that she considered herself truly healthy. Her personal training career started with teaching an array of fitness classes. While she loved the high energy of the room and the sweaty, smiling faces of the energized participants, she noticed that people were not getting the results that they were hoping for.

Fitness alone is not a sustainable solution!

She found that mindset was the missing link for most people to really get them results that stuck. Her coaching is structured with both weekly mindset calls and customized fitness routines so that her clients and grow into the next highest version of themselves and get results that stick. 

During her early stages in her business, she found that nearly all of the mindset calls were dealing with relationships–with food, fitness, alcohol, and mainly their significant other. Relationships are what make up life! If we don’t have the tools to communicate effectively in relationships, then we will most likely be out of balance and lose motivation to maintain a fit and active lifestyle. 

Adrienne’s passion lies in helping people manifest a relationship that fill with more love every single day. She teaches her clients how to effectively communicate, she stretches her clients outside of their comfort zones to use all 5 love languages daily, as well as learning to commit to living a fit and healthy life.

Adrienne finds that her life’s purpose lies in teaching people self-love through emotional intelligence as well as in truly helping them grow as individuals in with their partner in their relationship. The value that her clients get through their breakthroughs on their weekly calls allows them to navigate life in an entirely new way. Her clients assets to communicating more effectively with every person in their lives, acquiring tools to better manage their emotions, as well as find confidence in their bodies and fitness levels.

Adrienne Rivera has coached high-achieving women and men one-on-one, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and couples. As well as being a coach, Adrienne is also a public speaker and leads retreats to spread her teachings rooted in love and fitness.

“My mission is to support others in creating more love in their lives while sustaining a healthy, fit lifestyle to pass on from generation to generation.” - Adrienne Rivera

Who's the lovely man that inspires Adrienne?

This is Darren, the love of my life! Darren and I met through the Virginia Tech triathlon club team. While our passion of living a healthy lifestyle got us to meet each other, it was Darren’s deep thinking and expansive mind that I was initially attracted to. 

Darren gets me to think deeply and grow on a mental, emotional, and physical level. I believe that my relationship with Darren is so strong because it was first built on a solid foundation of communication. This is the basis for every healthy relationship! 

My relationship with Darren has evolved over the years and we’ve learned how to adapt and support each other in our life goals so that we can grow individually as well as as a couple. 

Adrienne and Darren

Darren was the one that really ignited my passion for the outdoors. I love traveling with him, backpacking with him, and doing all things fitness with him. I am so inspired by him! Darren is a professional trail runner for Salomon! His dedication to running inspires me to be dedicated to my fitness and supporting others through my business.

A little more about me!

  1. I am half Puerto Rican and am so proud to be! I love dancing, being loud, and eating Tostones after a day at the beach.
  2. I grew up in a town where rap music was the thing! And I still love it. This is what I listen to at the gym and during my hard runs.
  3. My favorite date with Darren is swimming and playing games in the pool like we are 5 years old.
  4. My top love languages are Words of Affirmation & Physical Touch.
  5. The most challenging form of exercise for me is running. I love running because it gives me an incredible workout because it is so challenging for me.
  6. My favorite gifts are hand-crafted peppermint soap bars, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and all things FOOD!
  7. My favorite holiday is Halloween because I love all of the festivities like pumpkin carving and dressing up.
  8. I am passionate about the environment and I am a minimalist.
  9. I love traveling & my favorite place that I’ve been is the AMAZON! Go there!
  10. I’m a spiritual, day-dreaming, mountain lady obsessed with long deep conversations that provide me new perspectives.

Let's create more love together.